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Are you looking for kitchen resprays near me?

by | Mar 11, 2022 | Revitalize Blog

Kitchen resprays near me?

Are you looking for kitchen resprays near me?

Read on …

There’s little doubt that, in the past year or so, we’ve all been spending more time in our homes. Furlough and working from home are now in common parlance. We know too that with people abandoning the commute, they are instead hunting out space to work in at home.

Apparently it’s why houses are selling so quickly and ones with 3 or more bedrooms are in very short supply.

At Revitalize Resprays, Manchester, we’ve seen this pattern first hand with the kitchen and bedroom resprays we’ve carried out.

Clients from all over the north west have mentioned this in conversations in the past year when they’ve done an online search for “kitchen resprays near me”.

We often ask what’s prompted the renovation project and often “working from home” is the answer.

Not surprising is it that they’d want a kitchen respray?

Instead of grabbing a coffee or tea in a work break in some restaurant, shop or office, people are now doing it at home. Pret A Manger nearly went to the wall, due to lockdown and lack of footfall from shoppers and workers, other chains have disappeared, because so many people have had little choice but to stay at home.

It stands to reason if you’re putting the kettle on for a brew during the day, you’ll quickly notice that your kitchen cupboards, wall units and island needs some TLC.

We all know too that money has been an issue for so many people in the past year, so when they Google new kitchens, they are often shocked by the costs and the waiting lists. It’s why we’ve been so busy at Revitalize Resprays.

People have seen our work in Saddleworth, Manchester and Cheshire on our active Instagram and Facebook feeds and realised there’s a more cost effective option:

Kitchen Resprays near me, not new kitchen units

We explain the process on this website but just to sum up here, this is what we do:

  1. A consultation (obviously via video call to make us Covid secure)
  2. Start of work where we remove unit doors etc
  3. A transformation takes place in our Manchester kitchen respray workshop
  4. We return with a revitalized kitchen that leaves all our customers (and us) grinning with pride!

The beauty of our process is not just the financial savings, but that of time. Many people who are furloughed or working remotely don’t want builders, joiners, electricians and plasterers in for a fortnight, dismantling and fitting a kitchen.

People don’t want their Amtico or Karndean floors replacing along with new units that don’t align.

With space at a premium, with everyone home, people don’t want to find a new home for crockery, cutlery, food and drink as cupboards are removed.

You see, we leave the shells of your units intact, taking only the doors and drawers to repair, prime and respray.

Okay, your kitchen won’t be featuring in 25 Beautiful Homes or your Instagram stories or feed, whilst they’re without doors – but within a week, you can snap away and show off your Revitalized kitchen.

If you’re looking for kitchen resprays near me, contact Bryan and Lee today via email, contact form, telephone or via social media.

We’re incredibly busy, but always looking to add more happy customers to our client base.

Get in touch today.




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