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Does a change of leader create sporting success?

by | Mar 11, 2022 | Revitalize Blog

We’re fortunate that in our Manchester area, we have two very successful football teams – Manchester City and Manchester Utd.

Along the East Lancs road, or M62, two more giants reside in the form of Everton and Liverpool.

Now what we wonder is do their respective current managers determine the team success or would a change benefit all four?

So as not to tempt fate or put a jinx on the incumbents in those dugouts, we will try and draw an analogy, however tenuous, with kitchens! Bear with us.

If you take a long look at your kitchen, with objectivity and non-partisan affection, you may agree a change is needed. The kitchen units and worktops have seen better days, the floor is due for replacement and several drawers are chipped and dishevelled, needing a new lease of life.

The question though is a bit like football – how do you replace and what with?

You could go the whole hog and say the board and management and players need removing and call in floor fitters, carpenters, electricians and kitchen designers to totally transform the space. If you had money like three of the clubs we’ve mentioned, where financial power seems infinite, you could well go down those routes and rip the lot out and lavish £50,000 to £100,000 on a kitchen fit for a TV show.

But, realistically, few of us have that fiscal clout and it may be better, and more financially astute, to repair and revitalize with a kitchen respray from us.

We operate across the north west of England and, recently, have been commissioned to respray a kitchen in Suffolk, so we are not geographically handcuffed to Greater Manchester.

Our process is relatively simple – you call or email Bryan and Lee, who will ask about number of kitchen units, state of repair, colours required, your address etc. If you’re near enough, we can pop out or arrange a video call where you can show us your kitchen on WhatsApp or FaceTime, for example. We may suggest an approximate amount for you to mull over and, when you’ve decided, we can book you in.

Your doors and drawers are expertly removed, leaving you with the carcass of a kitchen and we repair, prepare and respray these with primer and the colours you choose.

A date is arranged for us to return to refit and you’re left with a kitchen that looks Premier League not Conference League.

Mo Salah, Phil Foden, Cristiano Ronaldo are not going to suddenly, metaphorically, appear at your stove, but you may have the equivalent of De Gea or Pickford in your kitchen as it suddenly becomes a keeper …


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