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Furniture Resprays

Bring Your Furniture Back To Life

We all have furniture that we have had for years but cannot bear to get rid of. With our respraying services, you can now upcycle your old furniture, so you do not have to get rid of it. Respraying old furniture tends to mean painting old wooden furniture that has lost its original, protective layer. We can clean, repair, sand, paint and stain the furniture to get it looking as good as new.

There are plenty of benefits to respraying old furniture:

Protects It Sentimental Value

If you have furniture that has been in the family for years, it probably has some sort of sentimental value to you. However, throughout the years, the furniture may end up appearing quite outdated, and wear and tear is beginning to show. You do not have to buy new furniture if you do not want to. Instead, get in contact with us at Revitalize Resprays and we will help to restore and refinish your sentimental furniture pieces so you can still keep them in the family for another few years.

There Are Environmental Benefits

The making of new furniture can require a lot of energy and produces more carbon dioxide emissions. If you want to be more eco-friendly or more environmentally conscious, then upcycling and respraying your furniture is the perfect solution for you. Respraying and upcycling old furniture help to save trees and makes you feel better knowing that you are making the effort to help protect our environment.

You Can Create A New Style

Even if your furniture is older, upcycling old furniture gives you the option to create a whole fresh style. Creating a new style may mean that your upcycled, resprayed furniture may go with the décor of your home more than it did before.

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Saves You Money

We all love saving a bit of money, respraying old furniture allows you to do just that. Upcycling old furniture helps you to avoid the costs of buying new furniture, which can be expensive. The respraying of old furniture is a great, cost-effective way to update your home.

Helps You To Preserve Quality Items That Are No Longer The Same

A lot of homeowners prefer their old furniture rather than buying new bits and pieces. The reason for this is that the quality of older items is sometimes better. The reason being that nowadays high-quality wood is rarely used when crafting new furniture unless it is for specific and expensive brands, and they cost an arm and a leg. Respraying your old furniture is a fantastic way to keep your older, high-quality furniture and get a fresh look for your home without having to buy any new furniture that is not of high quality.

Examples Of Furniture That Can Be Resprayed:

  • Side tables
  • Chest of drawers
  • Cabinets
  • Desks
  • Nightstands
  • Cots
  • Doors/ door frames
  • Kitchen chairs
  • Dining room table