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How Long Does A Kitchen Respray Take?

by | Apr 25, 2022 | Revitalize Blog

Do you want to transform your kitchen without the cost of replacing your entire kitchen? If the answer is yes, then a kitchen respray may be the top choice for you. At Revitalize, our entire process takes about one week, this includes the removal of the units and then returning them in a brand-new revitalized condition. We want your units to look perfect which is why we do not get the work finished in a day. We pride ourselves on the level of finish we can achieve and the careful preparation we put in to achieve this.

At Revitalize we use state-of-the-art workshop facilities, with an extraction system changing the air of our spray booth 30x per hour, this makes sure that there is zero dust or overspray getting onto your units.

What Is Our Revitalize Respraying Process?

1. Consultation

The consultation is the time to discuss why you should choose our service and we will help you to choose the colours for your kitchen respray. Since the pandemic, we have also developed a straightforward. Nonphysical consultation through WhatsApp or video communication in order to suit your needs and circumstances. If you prefer a face-to-face consultation, we also offer COVID secure consultations.

2. Work Begins

Once we have arranged the dates with you, we will come and remove the doors and drawer fronts. It is important to note that we do not spray in a day to achieve the finish that we do. As we mentioned above, we need a week of preparation and work on a kitchen so we can achieve the factory finish that you are looking for. Each door and drawer will be greased, cleaned up, and if there are any chips, bumps, or scrapes that need filling and repairing we will completely refurbish this, giving it, the revitalization it needs.

3. Workshop

Each door and drawer will be sanded down, then primed twice on each side, this preparation part is the most important part of the overall process. Once the doors have been primed, we will sand them again with 320-grade sanding pads to give it that ultra-smooth prep before finishing the work with a paint colour of your choice. We will then wrap the units carefully, so they are ready to look brilliant in your new kitchen.

4. Your New Kitchen

All of our respraying is completed on-site, this includes the permanent fixtures and fittings from the corniche, end panels, kickboards, rails, leading edges, etc. Before we begin to spray this, we ensure to mask everywhere off to avoid overspray and ensure that the fit and finish are equal to that of your revitalized doors and drawers.

There you have our entire Revitalized Resprays process. If you want your kitchen to be transformed, give us a ring on 07384574225, and we can answer any respray enquires that you may have.

What Are The Benefits Of A Kitchen Respray?


Kitchen resprays are becoming more popular. People are opting for this, rather than replacing their entire kitchen, which is an expensive job. Many people do like to keep their old kitchen, so investing in a kitchen respray is a good option as it looks like you have put an entirely new kitchen in. Respraying your kitchen is about 80% cheaper than replacing a kitchen which can cost thousands. Have look at our portfolio here to have a look at some of the kitchen transformations that we have done.


If you were to decide to invest in an entirely new kitchen, this means having to remove appliances, cupboards, sinks, etc for an extended period which is not an ideal situation and replacing your whole kitchen can take a lot of time, it can take at least a month. Whereas at Revitalize Resprays our entire process takes about one week, and it saves on mess too. Installing a new kitchen can be messy, whereas, with respraying, we do the entire respray at our workshop to save you a cleaning job.

There Are A Lot More Colour Options

If the main reason that you want to change your kitchen is because of the colour, then a kitchen respray would be the best option. Choosing to respray your kitchen means you have more colour options. If you are unsure of what colour to go with, our team can help you out with this decision so there is no need to worry if you are unsure.

Kitchen Respray  Farrow & Ball Railing - Manor House Gray Dual Colour After  Kitchen Respray

We hope you found this blog post helpful. For any respray enquires give us a ring or send us a text on 07384574225.


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