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Kitchen Respray near me – Colour Trends in 2022

by | Mar 11, 2022 | Revitalize Blog

When you google ‘Kitchen respray near me’ here’s some help choosing with our colour trend for 2022 from Revitalize Resprays.

Now I need a colour to choose,

Colour Trends in 2022, when I ask clients to choose a colour, the phrase “I haven’t a clue” is by far the most common, from Manchester, Liverpool, Cheshire, so we here at Revitalize Resprays we have a duty to help pick the best colour fitting with the rest of the room, whether it’s a kitchen respray,  bedroom respray, Internal doors or even a staircase.

On trend in 2021

What we found in 2021 was the choice of  colour pallet does change with the seasons, as it gets darker gradually a client tends to lean towards darker colours, for example towards the back end of 2021 Lamp Black was very common and continues to be quite popular, whereas April 2021 a lot of Light colours from Farrow & Ball All white all the way to Cooking Apple Green,

The most popular colour for 2021 though seems to have been Farrow & Ball Blackened which is my person favourite as it gives light to it’s surroundings but also keeps that lovely hint of Gray.

Our predictions for 2022

I believe the trajectory of searches for  ‘Kitchen Resprays Near me’ will go up 50x easily.

Kitchen Resprays are increasingly popular the term Kitchen Respray near me on google is why your reading Colour trends 2022 ,

This had me thinking what are the influences for colour trends in 2022, with the influence of Social media being so accessible are the folk of Knutsford, Middleton, Kirkby, Lymm, Denton (Near me), beginning to become braver due to more content being rapidly available to see others being bold, my answer is I think so whilst 2022 is early we have already work booked in with clients very confident as to which colour theme they would like and that seems to be darker colours, I have 2 colours to watch out for and consider for your Kitchen Respray this year,

Farrow & Ball Railings & Little Greene Lamp Black both colours I believe will be really common theme amongst the locals of Manchester, Cheshire, Merseyside, & the North West, England.

Thank you for choosing us in 2021

Kitchen Resprays, Bedroom Resprays, Internal doors Resprayed & Staircases, our clients have been great we have over 100 5* reviews across all platforms in 2021 we intend to double that in 2022 but have to say an enormous thank you to our previous customers just as you guys are looking for a great company with 5* reviews, we are also looking for honest customers, so thank you.

Revitalize with a Respray

When you google ‘Kitchen Respray near me’ choose Revitalize Resprays,

I know I am bias but I do genuinely believe we won’t be beaten off a rival company in the north west when considering everything from price, finish, customer service, after-care etc, there will be no Kitchen resprays in a day, no middle men charging fortunes taking it to wood finishers like ourselves then hiring a ‘Top gun’ Kitchen respray there will be none of that, no nonsense, no messing around with dates or letting you down just a straight forward service offering you the closest thing you’ll get to a brand new kitchen without spending thousands, so don’t hesitate contact us today for a free no obligation quotation for your Kitchen, bedroom, internal doors or your staircase then give us a call one of the North west’s leading companies to help you Revitalize your room with a premium service and a finish you’ll recommend.


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