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Brilliant service from start to finish. Delighted with the end result…love it and love the fact it cost a fraction of what a new kitchen would have! 

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Kitchen Resprays

Transform Your Kitchen

Kitchen resprays are perfect if you want to renovate your kitchen but do not have the budget. Respraying your kitchen makes it look like you have had an entirely new kitchen installed.

Have you not decided on whether to invest in a respray or not? Here are some benefits of kitchen resprays:


Kitchen resprays have become more popular over the years. More people are now opting for resprays rather than having a kitchen renovation. The wonderful thing about this is that resprays are a lot more cost-effective rather than renovating your entire kitchen. Most people would rather just keep their old kitchen and just respray their cupboards, especially if their kitchen is still in good condition. Did you know that respraying your kitchen is about 80% cheaper than renovating the kitchen? Respraying seems like the easier option, plus not nearly as messy as renovations.

Time-Saving And Efficient

Kitchen resprays save a lot more time than renovations. Think about all the cupboards, sinks, appliances etc that must be removed when you are renovating, whereas with resprays nothing has to be removed. There isn’t as much upheaval when it comes to resprays. Opting for a respray means that you do not have to worry about getting your cupboards and appliances refitted, your walls and tiles re-decorated and re-fitted. With kitchen renovations, you could not have the use of your kitchen for at least a week whereas with resprays this is not the case. With resprays, it may take a maximum of one-three days to spray most kitchens. Getting your kitchen resprayed is more efficient as it dries quite quickly.


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Better Texture

If you decide to paint your cabinets yourself with normal paint and a roller brush, then they may not look how you want them to look, they won’t be perfect, they may look streaky. However, with Revitalize Resprays when respraying your kitchen, we ensure that our work has a smooth finish, and your kitchen looks perfect. Resprays make your kitchen look brand new which is what you want, you want it to look like you have had work done to your kitchen. It will look like your kitchen has been replaced rather than resprayed and saves you a lot more money.

Suitable For All Surface Types

The great thing about resprays is that they suit all surface types whether your cabinets are laminate, wood, acrylic etc. Spray paint will look nice on all these textures. For surfaces such as acrylic, spray painting is the only method that will provide a non-textured and smooth surface.

Plenty Of Colour Options

When you are renovating your whole kitchen, you are limited to colour options, you need to look for options that align well with your style and interests. Respraying your kitchen offers you a wide range of colours to choose from and the great thing is, you can continue to respray your kitchen a lot more often than you can renovate it. If you are not set on one colour, you can also get colour custom mixed for results that please you.