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Sage, pink, grey are the kitchen respray trending colours this year

by | Mar 11, 2022 | Revitalize Blog

We’re delighted that our business, Revitalize Resprays, is now seeing real success across Manchester and the north west, since our inception. There’s little doubt that with many people now choosing to work from home, the kitchen has become a place frequented seven days a week. We know too that so many of our kitchen respray clients often choose grey.

Probably why grey is named here as a kitchen colour of the year in House Beautiful.

It’s easy to see why so many love grey as there’s so many shades of it (more than 50 we know!). It has a neutrality, timelessness and depth that few others can match. Probably explains why too that white, silver, grey and black are popular car choices – all on the same colour continuum with tones that can exude class. A gunmetal grey German saloon or hatchback blends in and stands out, if you see what we mean.

Farrow and Ball alone does 24 shades of light and dark grey – click here to see them on swatches.

What’s good too is that grey can be complemented with a striking shade of other colours. You could pair a Pavilion Grey (#275) with any of these, according to their own style guide:


Orange hues are very on trend – and you could find a colour match for Charlotte’s Locks in light fittings, blinds, placemats or pots and pans? If your home is from the 60s and 70s, this apparently is a 70s inspired colour!

But what about kitchen resprays other than grey?

White is a perennial favourite but rather than wax lyrical about creams and whites, let’s look at the other 2 House Beautiful recommendations – sage and pink.

Sage undoubtedly combines elements of green and grey. If you’re familiar with it as a plant, you’ll know its leaves have an inky green depth that doesn’t reflect like other greens. That depth creates a nice neutrality and contemporary feel that is very enticing for home owners.

We’ll let you decide which Farrow and Ball shade of green is closest to sage – we’d perhaps lean to Lichen or Treron – but what do you think?

Green, in any shade, makes a space light and airy and acts as a way of bringing the outside in, and that can’t be a bad thing?

But what about a pink kitchen respray?

Pink suggests a certain bravery in choice – just as it would with a car. Again though, don’t reach mentally for the pink on a Fiat 500. Oh no. You can go from cream to red on the pink colour spectrum as you can see here. Peignor is almost grey, whilst Red Earth is a terracotta colour, we think.

Choices of greys, pinks and greens may seem a tough decision to make and we all know how fashions change.

The beauty though with a kitchen respray from us is that you won’t need to amputate an arm and a leg to achieve a desired look and if, in 2031, you’re tired of grey, sage or pink, you can call us up and choose a new kitchen respray colour for whatever is on trend then – we can’t though predict what they will be.

If you need further advice, contact Bryan and Lee of Revitalize Resprays, Manchester today.



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